Registered domain is not added ( )

Hello everyone.

registered domain is not added to cloudflare ( )

Error message is is not a registered domain

Anyone can help me ?

it is already verified.

Anyone who works in cloudflare can help me ?

It is already verfied.

If you are saying that the domain is verified then the other reason is that the domain must first be delegated to valid nameservers. I have checked that your domain has no nameservers, but however, the WHOIS database shows that your domain has 3 respective nameservers-

Name Server 1: NS11.DNSTOOL.NET

Name Server 2: NS12.DNSTOOL.NET

Name Server 3: NS13.DNSTOOL.NET

and now this is confusing, pls check in your control panel whether your domain has
any nameservers and send a screenshot of your Nameservers.

Every Donut domain is not working. it is whois lookup time out issue. pls check and fix the cloudflare Error.

is not in your account nor on cloudflare, and nameservers are doing something, not sure what DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup. Perhaps a typo? (If so the intended site also work fine for me.)

both work fine for me…

That is correct and appears to be the reason you’re hitting the issue when trying to add the zone.


Pls share a screenshot of the nameservers

I changed name server, but add is not work.

the error message is is not a registered domain


Pls share a screenshot of your nameservers

As I told all of you @user11746 and @user11195
Share a screenshot of your nameservers, if you want to fix this issue.

Hi, some times, the domains took time to propagate. This domain ( is working fine for me.

Thank you it is fixed.