Registered a new domain on Cloudflare, now what?

Hi all,

I just purchased a new domain through the Cloudflare registrar. I’m now having a hard time setting it up and finding instructions. It seems like my main issue it setting up the A, AAAA or CNAME for this new domain. From what I gathered, Cloudflare doesn’t “host” websites so I need to find a separate service to host it? And this host would give me the IPv4/IPv6 or Target needed for the DNS setup?

Should I “transfer” my domain to a separate host? If so, any recommendations? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


You can’t transfer your nameservers to another host but rather you’d just find a host (or look at Cloudflare’s offerings like Pages if it meets your use-case) and point your domain towards it.

Thank you so much for the prompt response, that’s helpful! I’ll check out Pages and other hosting options!

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