Registered a domain on Cloudflare and cannot find a way to change to Cloudflare's

I don’t understand, where can I change to cloudlfare’s nameservers?

Is this a domain through Cloudflare Registrar?

If so, it looks like your domain is in a bugged state and it needs intervention from support.

Email [email protected] from the same email as your dashboard account and include your domain, mention the problem and include that screenshot - then post the ticket number you get back here.

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It looks more like you have two different Cloudflare accounts. I am guessing you created an account, registered a domain, created a second account, added the domain and now you receive the confusing message.

Fastest route to resolution while you wait for a reply (please do not open multiple tickets, #2439184 is enough) is simply to go through your emails and figure out what account holds the domain you purchased.

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I have the same problem here. Bought on Cloudflare and now on dashboard it tells me to change to another set of Cloudflare nameservers.

Perhaps you do, but