rejecting Cloudflare nameservers

Hi all.

Let my start by saying I am a total novice with everything web related.
I have a .ie domain that is currently not hosted. It is setup to redirect to a .net domain where my site is hosted.
The .ie has no SSL cert. The .net does. Therefore the masked redirect is not secure. I don’t know if it’s the right move but I decided to move the .ie domain to Cloudflare nameservers because that’s where my .net nameservers are.
However when I tried to update the nameservers, register365 rejected them as “not a valid host name”. Please see the attached screenshot.
Any ideas how to proceed?

Thanks in advance.!

cloudflare error|690x388

Name servers shouldn’t have http or any /

It’s just

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Awesome, that did the trick, thank you for the quick reply!

Is it possible to now apply an SSL to the .ie domain without hosting it?

For a pure redirect, you can set the .ie domain to SSL Full (strict), and then follow this tutorial:

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Thank you so much for your help!

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