Register tunnel error from server side


Today we got error:
Cloudflared[3286]: time=“2018-12-13T05:34:15Z” level=error msg=“Register tunnel error from server side”
Not sure what is going on
This issue starting today

Thank you

Make sure to check your Cloudflared input and make sure it is valid, if you’re not sure then visit this link: and view ‘Step 5’, you also have to make sure your server is enabled correctly and that Cloudflared can access it. To make sure if Cloudflared can access it, load your website’s URL/IP on the same machine Cloudflared is on and if you can access it most likely Cloudflared can too. If you need more help, reply to this message.

KTommyCompany’s StressNot.

Same problem here while restarting the tunnel. Any progress on this ?

Hi @floran,

I’m with the Argo Tunnel team.

We had an incident with Argo Tunnel yesterday around registering new tunnels – check out

The incident has since been resolved. Are you still experiencing this?

Hi @areg

Thanks for letting me know, we saw the incident report and the problem resolved yesterday, all good !


I started experiencing this today on all new tunnels. Tunnels already running are fine. I’m also experiencing it when creating a --hello-world tunnel.

The full error I receive is:

ERRO[0017] Register tunnel error from server side  connectionID=0 error="Server error: 
You need to enable Argo Smart Routing in the Cloudflare dashboard before you can create 
an Argo Tunnel. To enable Argo, go to"

Hello! I’m having the same issue when I’m trying to create a new tunnel from a different config file.

ERR Failed to serve quic connection error="Unauthorized: Failed to get tunnel" connIndex=0 ip=IP

I have a tunnel running, but I can’t create a new one.
Can you please help me?