Register subdomain only

My customer only wants to set name servers for Cloudflare on a sub domain.
When I try to “create website” I cannot add the sub domain; it needs a regular domain to setup.

How can this be done, if the client only wants to setup promo .example .com towards Cloudflare, and not example .com. DNS for promo .example .com should be managed in Cloudflare including SSL.

So we would need to setup link .promo .example .com for example as well; all should be proxied and universal SSL should be created for *.promo .example .com and promo .example .com

How can this be done?

This has already been asked:

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Thx but I have a Business plan, and can’t see the advanced setup for the CNAME setup…

Pro plan… and it seems that the expensive 200 USD Business plan is needed…

Yeah, anyway there’s no better authoritative DNS than Cloudflare’s. I wouldn’t think it twice.

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