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We are an agency that creates form modules for non-profits, these domains mostly run on subdomains. We would like to manage those subdomains using the Cloudflare DNS, but when we try to register it gives the following error:

Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not

I found articles which point to upgrading to a business account, but when I try to do that I have to select a domain (currently only our own domain is registered). Is it indeed possible to only register a subdomain on a business account? And if that is the case, is there a step by step for how to do it?

If we want to do it for multiple clients, so we have and, does that require two business accounts (so 400 per month)?

Does that mean full set up in Cloudflare? If that’s the full authoritative setup, you can add the subdomains & begin with free plan, check out the business plan as well.

Yes, Of course. However, there requires a partial setup.

Here it is:

Not necessarily I assume. However, its up to you on what kind of setup you want to begin with & go for.

Thanks for the quick response!

Yes, we have one domain (our own site) completely hosted behind the DNS of Cloudflare. This domain is fully controlled by us. But the other domains ( and are not managed by us, but we can request some changes to certain DNS records.

So if I understand correctly, I can host multiple client subdomains on a single payment for a business account? Only thing I don’t understand is how I can request a single business account when I have to select a domain when upgrading.

And to register it, I have to register the whole domain ( and after that I can convert it to a partial setup.


I’m not entirely clear on exactly what you need, however I would recommend looking at Cloudflare for SaaS. This is designed for SaaS providers to allow you to control the Cloudflare configuration if a particular hostname.

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No. A business subscription is required for each domain.

Cloudflare for SaaS, as suggested by @domjh, is likely to be a better solution as long as you can align its capabilities with your requirements.

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Well, I was thinking quite different. Here, a suitable way to proceed is already mentioned by @domjh You may check the attached links.

Here’s the plan details:

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