Register new domain with zero mark-up in Cloudfare

How can I register new domain in Cloudfare? Is this still in beta and not yet available to all customers? The only option available in the account is Transfer domain.

Hi @swapan,


I’m afraid you don’t have access to the beta then. It was closed a while ago and I’m not sure when it will open up to more accounts.

Any insight on this @ebrown?

Hi @domjh @swapan The new registration feature is still in beta; however, we anticipate opening it up further in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to DM me with your account email, and we can add you to the beta.


Most users in the Community can’t initiate a DM. You’d have to DM them first so they can DM you back.

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Thank you all. As @sdayman mentioned I don’t have a way to DM you, so please initiate from your end and then I can respond back with my account email.

Thanks again

Hi @swapan - apologies about that. Feel free to send me your account email and we can have it enabled.

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