- NameServer, email & subdomain

You want to bypass cloudflare? On the DNS app, click the proxied :orange: record and set it to :grey:

what’s the actual site?

Yes, after you add the zone (domain/site) to your cloudflare dashboard

What is the subdomain name.

Can you explain what that means? Affect by what? Does that mean you do not want a subdomain or you do not want it proxied through cloudflare?


I explain better:

I want to ‘bypass’ only my website > I want to use Cloudflare only for my website.

My website is ex. and the subdomain is
I don’t want my subdomain on Cloudflare, same for the email.
So I’m not sure how to exclude them

There are two ways that you can accomplish your desired outcome.

One requires a Business plan or higher. The other works with any subscription, including free.

If you will be using a Business or Enterprise plan, you can use a partial setup for the hostname used for your website.

Otherwise you can configure the hostnames that you do not want to use with Cloudflare as :grey: DNS Only


Thank You!
I’ll let You know.


I have only a dubt, in cloudflare there is:
record A; name reg; IP
record A; name; IP

In Register:
1st IP; 2nd IP 195.7.999.9

Register said to change its IPs to cloudflare’s IPs,
but which IP? record A reg or record A my website
Why I see 2 records A?

We are going to need a lot more detail here.

Can you share your domain name?

sure marinstyle . it

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If your registrar requires IP addresses to be entered with the nameservers, this Tutorial should answer that question.

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Really thank You, I didnt find something specific, You found it!

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Not all registrars ask for an IP with the nameserver change. The it. registry is one of those that require it. If I hadn’t been spending time here in the Cloudflare Community, I probably wouldn’t know that registry wants an address for each nameserver.

Let us know if everything proceeds as expected or if you have any further questions.

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I have a problem with a subdomain I dont want in Cloudflare because its in a different hosting (under windows).
assistance . marinstyle .it So I get ’ The website is not properly configured on this server’ .
and now 404 Not Found, The server can not find the requested page:
The ‘cloud’ is grey.

I see no record returned for the name

Sorry… assistenza . marinstyle .it

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I get an SSL error due to the certificate not having a matching SAN for

You may need to register that name with the service you are using so that it can obtain a certificate.

in Register I generated and installed an ssl for ‘assistance’ but I get ’ 404 Not Found The server can not find the requested page:’

I see the certificate now contains a matching SAN. I receive a 403 where you are reporting a 404.

You will need to work on the origin server to identify why it is returning those errors.

The main website is in Linux> okay, is working.
The subdomain is in Windows and has another cpanel (I had also created the subdomain in linux to activate SSL and therefore I got an error 403/404).
Now I found the SSL option in windows hosting but Register ask me to pay for that service.
Is there an alternative?
Anyway I just called the Register support, they said they will enable the ssl option…

Is not possible, Registerit disabled my subdomain, I can’t use cloudflare.
Thank You for Your time here.

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I see that you indicated that your subdomain has been disabled. I want to share an answer to one question you asked in case it helps at another time.

If you cannot use a free automated CA like Let’s Encrypt, but are allowed to install your own certificate, the Cloudflare Origin CA has free certificates for :orange: hostnames that use the Cloudflare proxy.

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