change DNS

Hi! I can’t figure out what i need to change in order to use Cloudflare DNS.
My hosting is, below there is a screen of the current config.

It seems that they don’t allow it.

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@antoderiuweb, the picture you attached isn’t loading for me.

Thanks to Chrome’s translation service,’s service center says you can change the name servers:

It looks like it will want the IP address for the Cloudflare name servers as well. You can look them up here:

I will have to take a look at my config, I have a domain on there that works fine with Cloudflare…

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It works just like that, exactly. I have nameserver + IP.

I do not get the meaning of this picture…

Preferisci in italiano?

That looks like DNS settings, not the Name Server settings you should use so you can use Cloudflare.

Yeah, it should be a different part of that page, but can’t confirm unfortunately as I already changed those settings.

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