Register .gov domain

I have started the process of acquiring a .gov TLD for a government entity I support. The .gov domains can only be registered and controlled through I would like to use CF for to host DNS services for this domain.

Part of the registration process to acquire the .gov domain is to provide nameserver names. I don’t currently have any domains on CF. So how do I provide nameserver details for the .gov registration process?

Thanks for any input!

You cannot register a .gov domain through Cloudflare, however you should be able to move it to Cloudflare and that would be the regular sign up process as mentioned under

I understand the registration part, and I’ve started that process thru

But part of the registration process requires that I provide nameservers, how do I get that info since the domain isn’t actually registered yet?

That is the standard setup procedure I referred to.

Add the domain to Cloudflare and you will get nameservers.

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