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Hi all,

new here to cloudflare, i transfered my .de Domain to CF on 8.12.2020. Now i cant find how i could use cloudflare as Registrar for it. Seems CF does not to support .de Domains? Someone has experience with how soon i can transfer the domain to other registrar again?

Hi @simsaladmin, correct, cloudflare does not support .de domain registration today. In reading your post, seems you’ve added your site to cloudflare (and changed your nameservers to the two that are assigned in your account?). Once you’re set up, cloudflare is routing traffic to your site.

But, you’ve not actually transferred your domain registration to cloudflare registrar. So, the icann hold period that applies to transfers does not apply, lots of details about that lock period here. Can you share the name of the domain in question?

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Hey @cloonan,

thank you so much for pointing me to the icann. just the information i was looking for. It turns out that CF did not accomplish the transfer, so i started a new transfer request to another registrar. Really awesome those cloudflare guys (aka idiot-proof).

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