doesn't allow removing nameservers

My domain is currently stuck on for 2 months, and I would like to set up Cloudflare. However, their technical support has told me that they don’t support having less than 4 name servers. I currently have 4 nameservers set, and can override the first 2 with the Cloudflare ones, but cannot remove or blank out the final 2. They said the final 2 will be ignored, but Cloudflare explicitly says this will not work. Has anybody gotten Cloudflare to work with a domain on


What is your domain respectively its TLD?

The domain is

I am not aware of any requirement of four nameservers for .org domains. I’d clarify this once more with the registrar and should they still insist move somewhere else. Alternatively you could probably file a complaint with ICANN, but moving will be easier.

Thanks. I tried to move, but the domain is locked for 60 days due to it being transferred to another account, which they claim is required by ICANN. I think it is more a consequence of their poor software - there’s simply no way to specify less than 4 name servers.

The 60 days are due to ICANN requirements. However the four nameservers are not.

I am afraid you dont have many options (except for an official complaint of course). I’d wait until the 60 days are over and then transfer somewhere else.

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