Register .ca TLD

Where is the love for Canada? We would love to move our domains over to Cloudflare, but .ca are unsupported!!

For the love of Maple Syrup, Poutine, Beavertails please show the love for .ca!!


Oh, we :heart: Canada a lot, and we love zero markup domains!

We’re working to add more and more tlds to Cloudflare Registrar. Watch this page for what’s new, what’s on deck, and what’s supported,

Until .ca is available, here is a bit more :heart:
:canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada:


Haha, love the Emojis! Really looking forward to the .ca, we have over 200 I would like to move.

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