Register .ca domains at Cloudflare

I added a few websites, running on .ca domains, to Cloudflare.

There’s one domain that I would like to move/register at Cloudflare right now, but it says it’s “Unsupported”. Yet there’s a few other .ca domains in my list that say “Requires Full DNS Setup”.

Are .ca domains fully supported yet or do I have to wait?

Cloudflare supports .ca domains for proxying, but not as a registrar.

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Okay, makes sense.

Do you have any idea where I can find the “Full DNS Setup” settings that Cloudflare is asking about?

@alderlane, under which tab are you seeing this “full DNS setup” in the Cloudflare dashboard? I have several .ca domains on CF and not sure what you mean. Possibly a screen show w/o any personal info?

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Is that domain on a CNAME or partner setup? I guess for Full DNS Setup they mean having their nameservers as authoritative.

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After clicking on the orange button I see a list with domains that are not transferred yet:

This is what it says for

For the .ca domain that said it’s “Unsupported” I added it to my SiteGround hosting and now it says "Full DNS Setup.

Maybe I should just to wait until Cloudflare fully supports .ca domains. The thing is that one domain has to be renewed next week and I prefer to move everything over to CF.


I’d guess a partner setup, I added those sites through SiteGround (cPanel). I’m still relatively new to Cloudflare and figuring out the possibilities.

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Thanks for posting the screenshot. It’s the first I’ve seen and not in any of the dashboards I have access too. But it sure looks promising that it won’t be long now…

What confuses me about that screenshot is that it seems to mix the registrar (Unsupported) with the core service (Requires Full DNS Setup).

I think it doesn’t mean anything. The first check is the configuration full or partner, then the actual TLD. They can’t share anything about ETAs as it’s not under their control.

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It’s not confusing, they don’t support custom nameservers, if the setup is with a partner (be it with their branded NS or CNAME) the transfer cannot be made.

I am still not sure about that right column and what it is trying to say. What status is that? None of these TLDs is supported yet, so it if it is about a domain transfer it should say “Unsupported” everywhere. If it is not about a transfer but about the overall setup .eu shouldnt be “Unsupported”.

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That I agree with you, but I guess it depends on the order they check it, which I guess is first the type of setup and then the TLD. I would switch the order.

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Got this answer from Support, it makes sense to me now:

“The system checks for the Full DNS set up first and that is the message that will appear by any domains that are not using the Cloudflare nameservers for the account. Once that domain is using Cloudflare DNS and it is not a supported TLD at this time, it will show that it is unsupported.”

Exactly my guess then.

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