Register a Subdomain

I need to Register a SubDomain. Register. We have our DNS registered with CloudFlare, We want to have and registered and DNS accordingly. We need the marketing DNS entries added for Salesforce Marketing cloud. See this reference site for the example. Help And Training Community my main domains are registered with

If you own the two domains you indicated, login, navigate to one of the domains, then to the DNS app for that domain. You’ll need to add a CNAME record for the subdomain with the name marketing or storage as you indicated and the value provided by salesforce.

Good #tutorial here The DNS App

I did that, I have the CNAME records, but the sites do not go anywhere. Do i not need to actually register these? Are there no A records or anything else?

Yes, that is correct.

Does the value of your CNAME record work?

Do you already have an A record pointing to the IP address of your origin server? That should be called @ which will show as or once you save the record. Both the A and CNAME records should be :orange:

I do not see any A records under Cloudflare. Only CNAME and MX.

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