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We´re based in Brazil and we use the domain with a Shopify store. When a customer from outside the Country tries to buy, it seems like it is automatically identified as being in Brazil, which does not let to enter the postal code, which in Brazil has 8 digits, while in other areas has 5 digits. When the person tries to enter a different location the problem persists, since Brazil continues to be identified as the country. We opened a ticked with Shopify and first they said that it would be a problem with our mean of payment. We changed it to another, and the problem persists. Today we opened a new ticket with Shopify and they said that the problem is with the configuration with Cloudflare, that needs to be changed to identify correctly the country of the customer. Our domain has some type of block with Cloudflare, that restricts it only to Brazil, making it impossible to customers from other to buy. Please hep ASAP, since we´re going to launch this week to other countries and need this resolved. Thanks in advance.

Can you share the correspondences you’ve had with them?

It is however not impossible to block individual (or many) country codes, or only allow a select list of such. For us to be able to give an attempt in assisting with those, please share what you have in e.g. these pages, for the domain in question:

This part does not sound to me, to be an issue with Cloudflare’s though, but an issue with the system running your actual site / payment system.

… What specific configuration were they saying was incorrect here?

Knowing exactly what they were saying, could help a lot here.

First time we reported the problem to Shopify they said it would be a problem with the mean with the payment system. We did not get support from it so we changed to a different payment system (Stripe) and found that the problem stills happening. We changed back to the original payment system…

The conversation with the Shopify agent is below. After we told them that payment method was not the issue they recommended to talk to GoDaddy Support, that said that the issue would be with Cloudflare.

[17:38] Eduardo Serpa
15:14 Maria (Support Advisor): Finally we found the root cost
15:14 Maria (Support Advisor): May I ask if you’re using a third party domain?
15:15 Werkey Werkey: A custom domain you mean?
15:15 Maria (Support Advisor): Yes.
15:15 Werkey Werkey: Yes we do and I believe it’s from GoDaddy
15:16 Maria (Support Advisor): You will be needing to ask your domain provider to disable or to unlock your domain from brazil
15:17 Maria (Support Advisor): That is the reason as to why the regions you’d like to sell on can’t be selected on your checkout even if your markets has been activated.
15:18 Werkey Werkey: Got it, I’ll contact GoDaddy to see if they can help me with anything.
15:18 Werkey Werkey: Should I ask them to release my domain to other countries, is that it?
15:18 Maria (Support Advisor): nope, just ask them to disable the lock

Thank you for your comment! We have verified the configurations and nothing was changed from the default setup, except for the Page Rules, where the werkey URL in third.

Did you change anything so far, such as e.g. deactivating / deleting that rule? And if so, did it work?

If you didn’t do anything yet, and it is unclear for you what that rule actually does, you can share a screenshot or so, and we can look in to that with you.

We didn´t change anything, since we´re afraid to create problems. Here you have some screens

None of these are making any changes to country codes or area codes in any way, nor are any of them touching or making any funky “locks”.

As such, it simply seems like each of these organisations in the chains of your attempted escalation, is trying to “shift” the blame to the other party, sending you around to the next one, instead of actually trying to help you.

That being said, can you actually share a description (e.g. step by step guide), on how you are able to reproduce the issue on your site?

Like, what exactly can I do from my end, to see the exact same error that you do?

Thank you DarkDeviL for your comments. I agree with you regarding these organizations not dedicating efforts to solve the problem, but trying to forward to someone else. The image above is from someone that was testing the checkout for us from France. At checkout Shopify identified that customer as being from Brazil and loaded the CPF/CNPJ field that is required in that Country. User switched to enter a new address, but the Brazilian specific CPF/CNPJ field stills visible and a Brazilian postal code is required with 8 digits. When the user entered a 5 digits code the additional address fields do not open understands that it is wrong, making impossibilite to complete the purchase. I can even experiencing by yourself by trying our store. You will find our store as Werkey (with a yellow header). Please go to the course catalog and chose one course to buy it with the cupom code DarkDeviL23, that gives 100% discount. You will probably not be able to complete the order. Thanks


I think the point of waiting for the right price has changed a lot now:

Anyway, digging deeper, I believe I see the exact same as you do, e.g. this:

These two would be something that the Shopify system would making (… or destroying) for you.

Cloudflare wouldn’t be going that deeply in and touching websites to add/remove stuff like that, or otherwise alter your website, and if it was really a Cloudflare based country block (such as e.g. a firewall rule), you would typically be seeing the 1020 error you can see an example of here:

You can however also check whether you should have some of the (I believe: ancient) Cloudflare Apps installed on your site:

None of this would seem to me, to apply, in this specific situation though.

As such, I would personally be sending you towards Shopify, and insist on them helping you to get things fixed.

I would however believe that the issue should be found under your Shopify admin, under stuff like e.g. the management of the Markets:

I believe this is the place where you would need to enable Denmark, if you wanted me to be able to purchase successfully, and, of course, do it with appropriate / valid information on the forms.

If you’re also looking to allow me to pay you in my local currency, e.g. DKK (Danish Krone), so that I am getting shown the exact price that I end up on paying, - so that I am not getting the kind of “currency joker” due to my payment issuer converting from BRZ (Brazilian Real) first, I’d suggest digging through this Shopify help page:

The requirement of 8 digits in the postal code, as well as the limitation of the country/region to be Brazil seen in the videos above, would be something that comes from the system / platform that the site uses, in this specific case, from Shopify.

Thanks @DarkDeviL. I see that the currency converter app is not working properly . Another issue to solve…

Thank you @DarkDeviL for your testing and your comments. Your got exactly the same behavior that we got when testing. Seems like now we got a better support in Shopify and they´re digging deeper to find the cause of the problems. According to the latest info from them, they found problems with our payment platform and will investigate more. Even after changing again to Stripe the previous payment platform stills interfering. As far as the currency converter, we´ll look for the alternative that you suggested. I really appreciate your support. Thank You!