Regarding Worker and my Website (Server)

Greetings Cloudflare Supporters,

I don’t know much about Worker but I’m excited to know one thing regarding it,

I have one question regarding Worker, let’s assume that somebody uses it toward my website (for crawling, or spam or anything to do harm on my website),

My website is at Dedicated Server (not on Worker) for example,

Can it flood my website if they wish to? can I use Firewall Page Rules to block any Worker of Cloudflare from entering my website?

I’ve heard about such cases and that’s why I’m asking,

I’d appreciate any answer in return,


That’s no different from anybody else on Cloudflare pointing their domain to your IP address. Your server needs to reject requests that don’t match your hostname.

Hey Sdayman,

Truly appreciate your response and kindness,

I’m newbie when it comes over this, so please bear with me,

I’ve whitelisted Cloudflare IPs toward my Server and blocked the rest,

But what if for example hits directly my domain with ‘flooding’?

Does worker have their own IP seperated from Cloudflare, or it’s the same IP Address?

Can I block the worker url or their IP in Cloudflare Firewall Page Rules directly so it cannot enter my domain?

Thanks once more friend!