Regarding the problem that cloudflare cannot be used in China

I have a VPS in Singapore and use Cloudflare’s proxy service, but I can’t seem to open the business page on this VPS in China. Is there any solution? Prompt to reset when accessing, my server and business are normal!

Hi there,

Are you able to reach the Cloudflare IPs from your location in China?
You can try a trace route.

Please check if you can reach the Cloudflare IPs.
If you are not able to reach the Cloudflare IPs, probably there might be a country block.

Do test and update this thread.

Thank you.

Yes, I can see the IP address of cloudflare through the nslookup command, and the corresponding error page that cloudflare is not allowed to access can also appear when accessing these IP addresses, which means that cloudflare is not blocked, but the magic is that I turned on Proxied If you visit my domain name, you will be informed by the browser that the website has been reset. I can tell you with certainty that if I don’t enable Proxied, only DNS Only is available, and I can access it without any problems.

So,Next how can i do ?

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