Regarding the Image and Video files

We are planning to use multiple services for both. In my last post I’d clarified that its not allowed to pass large video and image files through CDN to a 3rdparty service. Does the paid plan allowed to do so? I’m looking to use multiple service and have a redundant service for our video and image service. So if I have a paid plan, can I use CDN to pass images to 3rdparty service?

The only plan that might be able to use the CDN for 3rd party service is the enterprise plan. Otherwise, you can not use the CDN for larges files and videos.
From their blog post this week Goodbye, section 2.8 and hello to Cloudflare’s new terms of service

Finally, we made it clear that customers can serve video and other large files using the CDN so long as that content is hosted by a Cloudflare service like Stream, Images, or R2.

Video and large files hosted outside of Cloudflare will still be restricted on our CDN


Thank you. So even i cannot store in my own file system and serve or DB to serve. Because i had tested CF images, it doesn’t have folder structure.

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