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Hi Everyone,

I have a query, I have designed and develop my website on WordPress and purchased a domain from GoDaddy and hosted website code on Hostinger. Now, I wanted SSL then I took it from Cloudflare, when I registered it here then Cloudflare provides the server name and asked to update it on Domain registrar and I have updated it then my website is not working. My domain is As per my knowledge, my domain is not pointing to my hosting provider because I have updated the Cloudflare nameserver. Can anyone let me know the right way to do this?

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Hi @thegoldeninkmedia,

That would be getting a certificate on your server and getting your site working with HTTPS before adding it to Cloudflare.

If your host charges for certificates, but lets you install your own then you can sign up for Cloudflare first if you can use an Origin Certificate:

Then make sure your SSL/TLS mode is set to Full (Strict) and your site should be back working again.

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Thanks for the help. My website is running but in this way -

when i click advance and Proceed to (unsafe) then its working ? What is reason and where i missed it?

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Is that after you have installed the Origin Cert? If so, you’re probably connecting directly to your server rather than through Cloudflare. This is most likely due to a cached DNS value on your end or that your hosts file has a value for your domain pointing directly to your server.

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