Regarding SSL and DNS

After adding SSL certificate in one of my sub domain the IP of my sub domain has changed in DNS and automatically shows some random IPs that changes frequently please do let me know what should i do…
Cloudflare does not have direct option of ssl certificate so they first transfer to cloudflare server then do auto HTTPS append so for this reason ip got change in DNS… Please provide proper solution.

May I ask do you use Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate or some other?

May I ask if you use Cloudflare through some Cloudflare partner? Like, for example, eZoic integration which manages your DNS records, etc.

I am sorry but I cannot understand the meaning what you want to say.

You have an SSL certificate and want to use it? If so, you can upload your SSL certificate to Cloudflare account, while that is available to Business or Enterprise Plans.

IP address or the value under your DNS records should not change. Cloudflare doesn’t manage your DNS records on behalf of you. You manage your domain records only (or the owner, or some other sub-account with permissions, or as already stated you manage them through an Cloudflare hosting/integrated partner).

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