Regarding s3 cdn url for Discourse


I’m trying to configure Discourse to use Wasabi and Cloudflare.
I was following this tutorial.

For s3 cnd url, will it be, in case I used in my Cloudflare account?

If that’s the CNAME Wasabi told you to use, then that should work.

No, Wasabi didn’t tell that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t ask :wink:
My question is, what’s the URL would be that I need to enter in the screenshot I pasted?
I need to replace

According to the tutorial you posted, the s3 cdn url would be something like:

Otherwise, we won’t know what you set up on Wasabi. It’s whatever you did for this:
Step 1: Create a bucket on the wasabi console with the same name as that of your website (in this example we are creating a bucket named " ")

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I see…
Then it seems I’ll have to use same domain as cdn url.

I would have created a bucket named (with your own domain).


Indeed, good idea.
I will see.

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