Regarding Rate Limiting

Hello please about this option Rate Limiting

Is it like this does not work

Did I stop it like this or not?

Not working? It looks like it worked 3.55 million times.

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Thank you. In this case, requests received on my site will not be counted if they are closed like this؟

Yes more than 3 million have been blocked it works fine but I only need it if there is only an attack on my site

You are not billed for blocked requests.

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Yes, I know this, but now I want to close it because it is expensive. I only want to turn it on if there is an attack
Did you make sure in this case that I will not be charged for traffic?
Because I’m worried, I’m afraid that I will be charged for all the traffic and I don’t turn it on

In this situation, I will not be charged for anything unless it is turned on yes or no

Cloudflare will not charge you for the Rate Limiting feature if it is turned off.


Thank you because I was worried about this
I thought even when it was closed, the traffic would be counted. Also, I thought just subscribing to the service, even without running it, the traffic would be counted.
Now you made me feel reassured, thank you

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