Regarding multiple domains on a same web server

Hi all,

I have a question regarding domain hosting and domains sharing of same IP address.

One of my domain is hosted under a shared hosting with dedicated IP. I have my DNS record pointed to cloudflare. When I did a reverse IP domain check, I realized there are multiple domains hosted under the same IP.

I have did another reverse IP domain check on another domain who has also pointed their DNS to cloudflare, and it only shows 1 domain for that IP.

Wondering is this due to the fact that I’m using a shared hosting?

Thanks in advance.

It’s normal for multiple domains to share the same IP address. Is something not working?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Everything is working fine. Just that I’m a little confused on the following.
I have did a reverse IP domain check on these 3 domains:

Domain 1:
-shared hosting
-multiple domains shown on the same IP
-nameservers under cloudflare

Domain 2:
-shared hosting
-only 1 domain shown on the IP
-nameservers not pointed to cloudflare

Domain 3:
-hosting unknown
-only 1 domain shown on the IP
-nameservers under cloudflare

Just confused why it’s showing multiple domains hosted on Domain 1’s IP

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