Regarding Multi User Cloudflare Accounts

Hi there!

I’ve been using CloudFlare for a while and I’m really glad to hear about the addition of multi user accounts. Something like that has definitely been high on my feature request list for a while. Unfortunately the current way multi user accounts are handled feels kind of clunky to me in that it it’s an “all or nothing” deal where users either have full access to all of the domains hosted on the account (assuming a non-enterprise account). This forces organizations to essentially create an account for each domain or set of domains they want to add users to.

For example, on my CloudFlare account I have everything from my personal domain to some team projects that I’d like to share with some of the people that are working with me. Unfortunately for each of these projects, I’d need a separate email address and CloudFlare account to be the “super administrator” in order to avoid sharing my personal domains.

In my opinion, it’d be useful to have a system where I can create a “team” on CloudFlare and transfer individual domains to it and manually add users to it. Fine grained access control like in enterprise isn’t necessary, but the ability to create a team without needing to create a separate CloudFlare account would be awesome!

Thanks for your time!

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