Regarding Cname resolution issues in DNS

I have been using a special CNAME parsing value for a long time, but recently I found that it could not be parsed successfully. What is the reason?
For example:

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Without your domain name the Community cannot lookup your CNAME.

If you switched it from :grey: to :orange:, the name will be published as A and AAAA records. If you need it to appear as a CNAME, it must be :grey: .

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my domain is,can u help me check it?

I see no records (CNAME or other) returned by queries for the name

Can you provide a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS that shows that record exists?

This name&value never takes effect, but others can

That CNAME shows up for me.

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can you plz be more specific?

Not really, but you can look for yourself:

Dig (DNS lookup)

you mean this cname hasn’t taken effect yet?

It’s working fine.

The name you’re pointing it to,, doesn’t exist. You’ll want to change that so it ends with (with the hyphen).

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