Regarding Cloudflare Access Product

I would like to know more about the Regarding Cloudflare Access Product recently introduced. I am contacting on behalf of a hosting company and we would like to know if this can be implemented there. We are currently using OpenVPN and restricted access to the SSH access with many servers, WHMCS admin, Wordpress admin, Internal Wiki links, Monitoring links, etc. So basically what I need to know is if it is a good replacement for OpenVPN in our case? All these mentioned restrictions can be set using the Cloudflare access as well? Is it needed a server to setup?

Shijo Jose

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Can someone provide a clarification regarding the questions please.


Considering you are contacting on behalf of a hosting company, meaning you will require a bunch of different accesses you best bet, especially pricing wise, would be to contact the Sales department.

As far as I can say though as long as the OpenVPN is used simply to access resources and not as an actual VPN (the traffic will pass through, obviously, but that isn’t the intended reason for the use) it should work just fine.

As long as the server is accessible from the web (and you can restrict access from non Cloudflare IPs or you can use Argo, which is at least required for SSH) it will work without any specific configuration.

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