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Dear Team Cloudflare,

My question relates to

  • Is it possible to see IPV4 address while being on IPV6 supported ISP?


This should do it:
curl -4


Any more cleaner way like by adding some query string, directly with URL?

What? That’s totally clean! I promise.

It’s really up to the app making the connection. This is generally selected by the operating system, but some apps, like ‘curl’ can force a specific connection. I suppose if you modified the network settings of your device, you could disable IPv6.


To my knowledge, we don’t have any test URLs which are v4 or v6 only, thus requiring the client to choose which address family (ipv4 or ipv6) is used to connect.

HTTP is at the wrong layer of the protocol stack to make that possible.

The best you could get is an IPv4 only hostname ( and a separate IPv6 only hostname ( But in Cloudflare, I think you can only have a v4 only
zone, or a dual stack zone, but not a v6 only zone.


Thank you Michael, that’s really a useful tip in direct URL way.

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