Regarding Auto Purge Functionality with WooCommerce

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I am currently using the Cloudflare Pro subscription for our WooCommerce website, along with the official WordPress plugin provided by Cloudflare. Our website actively utilizes inventory management, where stock levels are displayed and updated on product pages.

My question pertains to the auto purge (cache clearing) functionality of Cloudflare in relation to inventory updates in WooCommerce. Specifically, when a product is sold and its inventory is updated in WooCommerce, does Cloudflare automatically trigger an auto purge for that product page? This is crucial for us to ensure that the most updated stock information is immediately visible to customers, preventing issues like over-selling.

Understanding that Cloudflare caches website content to enhance performance, I’m keen to know how this interacts with dynamic inventory changes in WooCommerce. Does the Cloudflare WordPress plugin’s “Automatic Cache Management” or “Auto Purge” feature effectively recognize and respond to these inventory updates? If so, are there any specific settings or configurations I need to be aware of to ensure seamless integration?

Any insights or guidance on how to best configure Cloudflare and WooCommerce for real-time inventory updates would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

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