Regaining access to account from a bad actor

Hi guys, not sure how this should be categorised but urgently needing help.

I have had my account taken over by a bad actor and I am unable to log in or reset the password for the account.

I assume this bad actor has logged into my account, changed my password then changed the actual email address associated with the account, as the password reset email never reaches me.

Does anyone know how I can go about regaining access to this account?

Thank you for your time guys. In urgent need of help :frowning:

Hi @user4948,

Do you still have access to the original email address you had on the account? If so, can you email [email protected] from that address with the details. You’ll receive an autoreply with a ticket number, please post that here and I’ll get it escalated.

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Yes I still have access to the email address.

The ticket number is 2293630, however the case has been marked as resolved immediately as this email address is no longer attached to my account.

Thank you for your help.

Let me escalate this ticket to the Cloudflare support.

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Just responded on the ticket. We will continue further discussion related to this issue via the opened ticket. @user4948


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