Regain control of Cloudflare account

Our domain was set up by a partner on Cloudflare. We can no longer get a hold of this individual. Now, our site is down. I set up a free Cloudflare account. How can I get our domain under our control on Cloudflare, and bring across all of our settings?


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear this :frowning:

May I ask have you got a control over your domain and access to your domain registrar or not? :thinking: (maybe the domain was registered or transfered to Cloudflare Registrar)

Can you share your domain name here?

Otherwise, you could try to kindly establish a communication (if possible) with your current provider/partner and ask them to give you the access and all the needed permissions so you could do it all on your own (even transfer the domain, if so).

I am afraid there is no other way around to regain the control of a Cloudflare account of your partner, except if they don’t add your e-mail address as a “member” of their CF account so you could manage all the settings and features regarding it.

To bring all the settings, either copy-paste, save, screenshot them and having a backup of it, otherwise if you could have access, you could try to export them via Terraform / API (I think :thinking: ) and import them back to your CF account. I might be wrong about it.

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Hello. I do have access to the registrar, Godaddy. Currently, the www A record is pointing to the Cloudflare IP address of The domain name is

Is there any way to get the dns settings within Cloudflare from our domain? I don’t know who is hosting our site. I am not sure if Cloudflare provides hosting services.

Do you know who is your hosting and email provider? :thinking:

O-oh, that so.

I have checked and done a DNS history lookup for your domain name, I could only get below possible hosting providers so far:

  1. Hosting on Amazon?
  2. E-mail provier is Google Workspace

Great! :+1:

When you created your new CF account, and added your domain to it, you were provided with the new set of Cloudflare nameservers.

You can find them by navigating to the Overview tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name.

Make sure to change your current domain nameservers at GoDaddy to your new ones.

May I share few posts for you just to re-check which are related to GoDaddy interface and nameserver change at their interface:

What happened is that we shifted the DNS back to Godaddy (where it is now), but kept the A records pointed to Cloudflare (this has been working well for 2 weeks), today the site is down. If it’s easier, can I add records back to Godaddy to point to Cloudflare, so that it might work to get the site back up? What would be the DNS settings. If I use my new nameservers provided by Cloudflare, will the old dns settings kick in?

Can you at least tell me which IP I should point to the AWS servers in the meantime?

Hi Is there any way that I can get the IP that the www record pointed to in Cloudlfare? This is so urgent for us. I just need to get the site up and running right now, until I figure everything else out.

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