Refused when changing dns


I created a new site in my cloudflare account, but when I change the domain dns to cloudflare, I get refused.

I already deleted and created the site in cloudflare again.
I already created the site in another cloudflare account.

And always the same error, I can not change the site DNS to the requested cloudflare DNS.
Strange that this only runs with this site.

Has anyone ever experienced this?


Who is refusing it? Can you post a screenshot?



That sounds similar to this thread:

Right now, your domain is not using Cloudflare.

Exactly, it does not exist in Cloud Flare because I can not switch to Cloud Flare is declined.

But it is already created in Cloudflare.

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Cloudflare can not stop you from adding those name servers at your registrar. Cloudflare can not fix this, as it’s a problem at your Registrar screen.

I do not believe that is because when consulting cloudflare by linux.
The return is refused.


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