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So I’m curious about something after going back and forth for the past couple weeks on this with CF support and Paypal support. I tried to transfer a domain over to CF twice and each time it failed, but I was charged anyway. After contacting support about it, they told me they fixed something and to try again. I tried again and it worked. Fine, great. But the two original charges were completed and trying to get a refund for them has been ridiculous. I was told that PayPal wouldn’t allow the refund to process so I should contact Paypal about it. I have to contact Paypal because it gives you an error?

So I did that, which was less than fun and resulted in no answers until I complained to them on Twitter. Over DMs Paypal told me that CF needed to contact them so Paypal could help CF get the refund done, just as anyone would have suspected. I told support this and rather than do that, I was told that I may need to switch my payment method, then remove and readd Paypal back to CF. Keep in mind that I was completely able to get a refund from Namecheap only a few days before that when a domain I tried to buy was bought before Namecheap was able to register it, and I was able to pay CF for the domain transfer on the third attempt. So, there seems to be no problem with either my payment method or my Paypal connection with CF.

Paypal once again told me to have CF contact them. My CF ticket was quickly closed for some reason, so I responded back explaining that there is literally nothing I can do and that CF needs to contact Paypal so Paypal can assist. I was then told that CF can’t contact Paypal because CF isn’t having trouble with any other refunds and that as an alternative I could get credited for recurring monthly fees, which I don’t have, instead of CF just contacting Paypal to get this fixed.

So this leads to my question:

Is it just impossible for CF to refund for failed transfers or what? Did I just give you guys money for no reason? Because if I was just going to give away money, I would have sent it to St. Jude or something instead. I even suggested crediting the account for future domain transfers because I was likely going to transfer more in, but I’ll probably avoid that now so I’m not just throwing money into the wind.

Can you post the ticket number?




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