Refund service

How long take give me a refund for canceled service? I bought it in december 16 and I canceled it in december 17.

They don’t refund for cancelled or downgraded plans.

Ok but Why they show me this:!AmcmRaIa0hH9pAXzekM8eObDq55i

What does it mean if I only have two days of active service and not mid-month?

And when we qualify for credits:!AmcmRaIa0hH9pAS3WFnnknyn3EGG

It really is not fair these terms I bought a service and cancel it and they stole my money for a day of service ??

Mid-Month means mid-subscription. As in before the end.

You can always ask for a refund, and they may oblige:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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Thank you I will contact them

I think that is not only a strong but a highly inappropriate wording for a potentially wrong decision on your side. It is clear there are no refunds and this complaining is not very productive IMHO.


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