Refund on failed domain transfers

I was trying to transfer the domain name from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. Two domain name transfers, both failed. Paid with paypal, but Cloudflare did not refund.

Cloudflare’s service is terrible.

@Laurie will be able to help you , Please wait and await for her response

Also mail your issue to [email protected] and post the ticket I’d here

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Hi @xganmoon,
These are being addressed by the registrar team and yes as @Neeraj_1 said please send a ticket to [email protected]

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Thanks for sharing this , Someone here will get back to you shortly

As you already tagged Laurie she will get back to you at the earliest possible !

The billing team is already aware of your ticket; posting more frequently or tagging staff won’t speed up the process.
Just wait a reasonable amount of time before returning to the community and pinging Laurie or other staff members. In most case scenarios, refunds (if accepted) can take up to 10 business days.


Cloudflare does help Customer , Please be patient & await for a reply

Cloudflare tries to get back as quickly as possible , but not only you there will a lot support tickets & they are also humans not robots , So Please Understand !

Really , Sorry for the Inconvenience caused , As @jnperamo said the Billing team are aware , they will get back to for sure , but we cant estimate the time in which you can get reply

Note - Tagging us Multiple times doesn’t Speed up the Process , Please be patient & rest assured your money will not go anywhere !

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