Refund for Failed Transfer (Transfer cancelled)

I was trying to transfer my expired domain from Godaddy to cloudflare. But had to cancel it because Godaddy denied to accept transfer request because domain was expired.
Now, I am waiting for refund, but only cloudflare replied via email that I have been issued a domain credit.
Question is, how to confirm If I have actually received domain credit? and where to access domain credit? Can I use this domain credit for renewal of another domain at Cloudflare registrar?
Now, I want either refund, or Domain credit for renewing another domain name at Cloudflare.
Cloudflare Billing team is not responding yet, and waiting for their reply since few days.
Ticket/ Request # 1825970

Hello, is there anyone to help?
@cloonan Sir, please help. I am waiting for refund.
Ticket/ Request # 1825970

Hi @hopetoearn,

Unfortunately the community can’t help with billing issues like this. We have no access to see your account or the ticket you have created.

If you go to, and sign in, you should be able to see the ticket you have submitted with a status next to it. This may be ‘open’ if they are still working in it, or it may have a different status if, for example, they are waiting on further information from you. This may be useful to see where they are at with it.

One of the mods here may have a look at the ticket for you, but in general the community can’t help.


+1, I see the request was sent to our Billing Team and see the replies from Support. I’ve added myself to the ticket and will keep an eye on progress. Sorry for the issues, @hopetoearn


Thanks for reply @cloonan Sir. Yes, support had forwarded the ticket to billing team 5-6 days ago, but billing team has not responded yet.

Yes, ticket was created and billing team has not responded yet, and it’s open status. All the information has been provided to them in the concerned ticket. Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

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