Refund for Domain


I paid for a domain through Cloudflare and I cannot edit my nameservers so I would like to get a refund on my purchase and the ability to purchase that domain elsewhere. I made this purchase maybe an hour or two ago.


That’s not possible @luisalzamora04

Your only option is to transfer the domain out of Cloudflare Registrar, but as you just purchased it, you’ll have to wait (60 days I believe)

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I don’t think you’ll get that refund. It’s pretty clear during the registration process that you can’t change name servers:

It’s uncommon to not be able to use your choice of name servers for hosting. You’d just put your DNS records here that point to where your site is hosted. If that’s not ok, you can transfer your registration elsewhere after sixty days, and you won’t lose the year or so you paid for.


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As @sdayman indicated, there is usually no need to change nameservers. You simply add the DNS records provided by your host to your Cloudflare DNS. This Community Tutorial covers how to do that.


Registrar transaction fees for domain registrations, transfers and renewals are non-refundable.

Reference: Domain Registration Agreement

3.1 - Fees

You shall pay Cloudflare the applicable fees for the Registrar Services (“Registrar Fees”) prior to the registration or renewal of a domain. All payment obligations are non-cancellable and non-revocable, and all amounts paid are non-refundable.