Refreshing an existing website/redirecting it to the new one

This is an urgent email because my website is now down.

  1. Refreshed the website through Homestead WebsiteBuilder. They have hosted our website for many years.

  2. They tried to redirect it and discovered I needed to talk to Network Solutions and give them this information.

  3. Talked to Network Solutions. They tell me I must talk to Cloudflare. I log into your website and trying to discover “who” I need to talk to and discover you can’t talk to anyone. I AM LOST!

How do I get this taken care of? I did not realize that I have 3 different companies with my website–Homestead, Network Solutions, Cloudflare. PLEASE help me because now the website is down.

What is the site?

That is your host, that is where/who has the origin server

That is your domain registrar, that’s where you purchased your domain

We provide DNS services and sit between homestead (your site) and visitors to your site to make it faster and more secure

At the moment, I see one domain (site/zone) in your account. None of your DNS records are proxied :orange: they show as :grey: no need to worry about the details of what that all means at the moment, but you’d want them to be :orange:, click a :grey: to make them :orange: from this page after you login at,

The error I see on your site is from homestead, I suspect if you click the DNS A record :grey: that is named for your domain and change it to proxied :orange: that may fix the issue. You should do the same for the CNAME record called www.

Update - now I am seeing the site, is it working for you? If the site is showing without updates, you can purge everything (cache) at

Homestead gave me the a record information

I still need to hear from someone (Maybe someone from Cloudflare) about my website. It is down totally. Please, please help.

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