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Hi there,

I was stopped using cloudflare for 2 days and switched to my own hosting provider for some reasons. By the way i’ve added some new contents to my website. I want to activate cloudflare now again but new contents doesn’t load. Cloudflare shows older contents for 2 days ago.

How can i refresh all contents?

Thanks in advance

What’s the domain?

I switched back to my own nameserver right now for this reason.

That didn’t take long. My reply was within ten minutes of your query. Without your site being on Cloudflare, we can’t assist.

Oke i switch to cloudflare again.

Just switched. Can you try again in 10 minutes again please?

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Now works good and everything updated. It’s weird.

Right now, it appears that IPv4 connections are not proxied by Cloudflare, but now it has IPv6 addresses that are. That’s pretty strange, as they usually sync together.

I just put in a Purge request for that domain at and am now getting the proper IPv4 addresses.

I see you’re using APO, so it looks like it didn’t purge the cache. You can do a Purge Everything from the Cloudflare plugin, or from the Cache tab in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Now works everything fine. I didn’t maked any changing. It’s really weird.

Thanks for help

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