"refresh this page" error

Hello - I am having WordPress / divi theme contact form issues. I have to reset the Cloudflare APO cache every morning or else my forms wont work. I get a “refresh this page” error. I have logged into the Cloudflare APO plugin and get the following notice, any ideas for me to make my form work consistently?

Automatic Platform Optimization

Improve the performance of your WordPress site. Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress serves your WordPress site from Cloudflare’s edge network and caches third party fonts. Get the benefits of a static site without any changes to how you manage your site. This results in consistent, fast TTFB and content loading faster.

For more information about how APO provides better performance to your WordPress site, see LINK REMOVED support article.

Note: Changing Cache By Device Type setting will invalidate Cache. The setting is applied to all hostnames

Note: APO runs against the following list of hostnames:

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