"Refresh the page." loophole when logging into the CF dashboard

When trying to log in, I get “Refresh the page.” When I do, I either get the same or “Multiple errors occoured!”

I have to use incognito when logging in every time. Cookies have been reset several times too, so I am wondering why it’s not working.

Sounds like you might be caching everything, perhaps from some page rule? Generally speaking, you should never cache login pages or sections on your website that represent logged-in user data.

Or it could be a cookie error in your CMS platform, in which case it’s not related to Cloudflare, which does not affect cookies from no-cached pages.

I can only offer further advice if you can at least provide a link.

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This happens when logging into the Cloudflare dashboard (dash.cloudflare.com/login)
My bad, I was probably unclear in my post.

When I get that message I typically do not reload (which usually resends a POST) but simply navigate to the URL manually via the address bar (which then sends a GET). That seems to properly refresh whatever needs refreshing and usually works for me.

Still does not work. This time though, instead of instantly saying “Refresh the page.” when I refresh, I can try to login again, but then it says the same thing.

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You might want to open a support ticket.