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Some DNS records have been edited on the hsoting server. How do I get cloudflare DNS to update / refresh to use the latest DNS records. For example some mail DNS records have been edited on the hosting server but cloudflare still has old DNS for mail. Whats the simplest way to refreseh or do I need to edit all records manually in cloudflare?


If your domain’s registered DNS server is Cloudflare, DNS updates quickly. Default is about 5 minutes.

If it’s an :orange: record and you change the IP address, the update takes effect immediately.

As I more closely read your message, I suspect one (or more) of the DNS records in your Cloudflare DNS page needs to be changed. You will need to change this manually to match what’s in your hosting account.

Cloudflare only scans your original DNS entries once upon setup. After that, you need to keep them up to date manually.


Thanks, I will do it manually then.

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