Refresh DNS requested by Hosting Support

I am having trouble accessing a new Subdomain, the Hosting provider said I should contact Cloudflare and request they Refresh the DNS, how do I do this?

DNS records were added Fri 6 Dec around 3pm UK time and normally resolve very quickly


Whats the domain and post a screenshot of your DNS settings (redact IP if you want).

Screen shot below. Aorcon is the primary domain and luke1 is the Subdomain


The record is there, you are redirecting to however and that record does not exist and - if you want to use HTTPS - would also require a $10/month certificate from Cloudflare.

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Thanks Sandro, not sure I understand you about the Record does not exist. I do not require HTTPS


In that case just add another A record, www.luke1, and point it to the same IP address.

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Thanks Sandro, added the record and just waiting for it to resolve


Seems to have worked. Already works on my end, as well as at

Just checked the sitemeer and it says it up, no luck seeing the site in the UK yet.

Thanks for your help and have a nice day

As you mentioned, most likely a propagation issue. Just wait a couple of hours.

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