Refresh Cloudflare Page bring 405 error (POST)

Cloudflare Pages don’t support POST and bring 405 error.

Problem is that after browser security check by Cloudflare that page open, but have some POST data injected by Cloudflare. So if customer try refresh page gets POST resubmit alert and have to click to resubmit POST data (which is not from our page, it came from Cloudflare verification process). And by refreshing with POST customer get 405 error page, which is very confusing.

Is there any solution for this ? Bug ? Can we stop Cloudflare Pages get POST data from Browser verification process so visitors can refresh without problems ?

Do you have an example domain where this is happening?

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Yes, you can see it here:

Open page - it is se to “Under attack” so browser check will be forced. And then try refresh page and will see “Form re-submission” alert and if continue get 405

I am seeing the same thing. I have reported this to a staff member for further investigation.

Thank you. I will be watching this post for updates.

Any response from CF staff/support ?


This is unfortunately expected behaviour right now for this challenge to do a POST which can cause problems on refresh.
On the upside, you do not need something like Under Attack Mode in front of Pages. It will scale infinitely and there’s no cost from requests

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