Refresh cache in API plagin for WOrdpress

Hello. We use your API plugin for WordPress.
We have more than 1000 pages, we reset the cache either globally (which is not very good, because it can go down) or purge individual page (which takes a long time)
Tell me, is it possible to reset the cache by folders (locales) using this plugin?
RegEXp in the plugin do not work (site/ie/* or site/ie/(.*?)/).
How can we update the cache on all pages of the site/ie/ folder, but at the same time not update the entire site site/?

Currently, the Cloudflare plugin on Wordpress doesn’t support purging caches by folder directory. The plugin allows you to either purge all cache or purge individual pages. A possible workaround could be to create page rules where you can customize cache behaviors for specific paths, but you will have to manually purge these. Alternatively, consider using the Cloudflare API directly to automate the process using scripts.