Refresh and Shift-Refresh different results

so I am trying to use workers to just to very simple dom adjustment with cheerio… it would be fine if it didn’t work… but it works… but only if I do shift-refresh… if I just click refresh it will just


I have no clue why it would be different… I even enable development mode so Cloudflare wouldn’t cache anything but it does…

in statuses of requests of workers it shows 404 and 304 errors, but I am not sure why

shift-refresh bypasses your browser cache.
I believe your browser is showing its own cache, even though it is cleared in Cloudflare.

Also try your worker here it might help debugging.

no, the website always shows that after refresh no matter what browser and where from.
something Cloudflare caches is problem, but I don’t know where why what.

Cloudflareworkers is not going to help much since the inside workers editors the whole thing works perfectly, and that’s the problem, there is no way for me to debug it.

Keep in mind that using shift/control modifiers on the refresh button does actually send different request headers to the server. has a Selected Request Headers section which will show you the headers that it sees. Compare what your browser returns if you use different sets of keys, this might help you understand the technical difference.

You’ve likely eliminated Cloudflare as a cause of the problem by using development mode.