Reflex mining app errors , issues

the problems

Reflex mining app / errors , issues with security check with cloudflare
1-can’t go through login page .
2-takes long times without any redirect to login page .

opinions of reflex official team

Reflex official support team through telegram group told me this is happening " can’t redirect / go through login page " because
1-cloudflare flagged my email address as a suspicious
2- and they told me I have a multiple accounts

my status

But the truth I have only one account
Also I have here an account with cloudflare so I guess there’s nothing happening with my email and not flagged like they said
So now
3-what I can do ? To solve this problems

Possibly if the Reflex portal / Website is using some sort of Security Options available to them via Cloudflare such as Browser Integrity Check or they just simply challenge requests comming from a specific country, or actually all the requests (visitors)?

May I ask do you have some anti-virus software installed and running on your device?

I would rather say it could be the IP address provided by your ISP, or a TOR Web browser, or even a VPN connection - if you are using some of this?

That only you know for sure.
If you do have multiple, and accessing them via the same IP address and browser, without clearing your cache, possibly - short answer, yes.

As far as they are using Cloudflare, I am sure it is with a good reason for.

1- yes I already have antivirus software

2-. I don’t use a tor web browser or VPN while I use the app " but I have install a VPN from Cryptotab browser "

3- I use only one account , I clear cache and app data many times
The same problem / errors not only happened with me " many members that using the same app having the same problems and every time if any members report the same problem the told them the same answer
In the last weeks sometimes it’s successfully redirect to login page and sometimes not but since the last 5 days me and many others members at the official group report for the same problems
I ask them to check if they have any errors with the code of the app or server or check if there’s any other errors but they refuse and told the errors only with cloudflare
I guess if I already have an account here with cloudflare community there’s no errors with my email address that I use , and I AM very sure , that I don’t creating any other accounts

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