Reflecting wrong DNS/IP address

Hi There, anyone experienced this IP address/DNS record has been changed?

Yesterday one of our DNS recorded started point to a wrong IP address, as per the global DNS record is showing the wrong IP!!!

Note: DNS configuration via DNS console on our CloudFlatre account is showing the correct IP however, the global DNS record is showing the wrong one.

It was working find since day one the issue occurred just yesterday.

Any clue?

Go to your account homepage, then go to the Audit log here:

This will tell you if it was changed and by who.

It sounds like you’re seeing Cloudflare’s proxy address instead of your origin IP address. If that DNS record is set to :orange:, then it’s supposed to be that way.

Are you saying your site no longer works?

Yes its no longer works.

Go to the audit log as I explained above, and it will tell you what the value was changed from and by who.

Cloudflare doesn’t alter the record values on it’s own so someone must have changed it.

thanks the log showing that the DNS record “proxies” false.

Resolved, thanks.

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