Referer rule not working as intended


I am trying to create a rule that will do the following.

If country = India, Pakistain, China

Does not come to my site from the search engines,,

Then, Manage challange (basically direct hits)

My problem is, when I try to create to this rule it seemed to manage challanging everything from these locations instead skipping M/C when they come from the listed search engines

I made the following the rule to do this, However, as mentioned it was MC everthing from these places.


Is there something wrong with my rule? I want anyone coming from, to skip the manage challange. All others must have the M/C


Obligatory warning: Referrer is easily spoofed, and you might end up challenging legit bots as well (you could just add a “and Known Bots off” condition to try to not challenge some known good bots verified by Cloudflare). Some browsers also just don’t send referrar for privacy reasons.

The biggest reason why it isn’t working though is your Referers are wrong. The referrar can contain the scheme, origin, path, and query string: Referer - HTTP | MDN.
It looks like based on the referer policy for google and bing, they would just be
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I basically don’t care about traffic from these places in the world. So its not an issue. I only allow certain crawlers onto my domain anyway…

So are you saying I shoukd add the whole URL instead of just ?

How narrow-minded. Perhaps you best go back to the 19th century before the internet existed.

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